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Due to the upcoming Corona-virus, our next show in CC De Ververij is cancelled. A new date will be announced later!

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Great news, we're going on a Jazzlabtour in octobre 2020, for the release of our upcoming album 'Embla'! 
It will be released by the great guys from Bwaa label.
You can already catch us on one our upcoming shows:

– 6/3/’20 // Herberg Macharius // Ghent
– 3/4/’20 // CC De Ververij // Ronse
– 6/5/’20 // De Koer // Ghent
– 8/5/’20 // Jazzzolder // Mechelen
– 18/6/’20 // Vol Pension // Ghent
Vooruitblik met Kreis - Jazzlab

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Our little tour with Kreis has ended! 
Our thanks to everyone who came to the shows!
Now it's time to take a little break and work on our 2nd album, 'Embla', which will be released in septembre 2020.

It will be released on Bwaa label.

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Kreis will be playing at AMOK, a festival in Bruges curated by KAAP!

Check as out at one of the following dates:

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This sunday we'll be playing in duo-setting at Cultuurmarkt Antwerpen. 

You can find us on the stage at Hendrik Conscience Plein, curated by JazzLab!

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Extremely happy to announce that:

- 21 oct we will play together with the german Jens Duppe Quartett in Handelbeurs in Ghent!

- 12 nov we will play support for chicago-based Angel Bat Dawid in the AB Club in Brussels!

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Kreis is selected for the finals of Jong jazztalent gent 2019!

With the colleagues of Donder and Leap/Detach.

Very honored to be part of this.

Next stop with Kreis is 16th of june, at De Loge in Ghent.

Kreis in De Loge

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Another nice review of our debut album Askr
Thanks Philippe De Cleen from Dansende Beren magazine!

Askr - Fraai debuut - Dansende Beren

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A nice review from Enola Magazine of our concert at Het Bruggenhuis. 

Thanks Guy Peters!

Kreis :: 14 maart 2019, Het Bruggenhuis - enola

Come and have a listen at Hot Club Ghent, monday 15th of april.

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Our first album Askr is out!

Have a listen on bandcamp, spotify, itunes store or soundcloud.



Itunes store


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On wednesday, 6th of march, we'll present our album at deKoer. 

Join us or check us out at one of our other concerts!

(c) Kreis