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Our little tour with Kreis has ended! 
Our thanks to everyone who came to the shows!
Now it's time to take a little break and work on our 2nd album, 'Embla', which will be released in septembre 2020.

It will be released on Bwaa label.

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Kreis will be playing at AMOK, a festival in Bruges curated by KAAP!

Check as out at one of the following dates:

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This sunday we'll be playing in duo-setting at Cultuurmarkt Antwerpen. 

You can find us on the stage at Hendrik Conscience Plein, curated by JazzLab!

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Extremely happy to announce that:

- 21 oct we will play together with the german Jens Duppe Quartett in Handelbeurs in Ghent!

- 12 nov we will play support for chicago-based Angel Bat Dawid in the AB Club in Brussels!

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Kreis is selected for the finals of Jong jazztalent gent 2019!

With the colleagues of Donder and Leap/Detach.

Very honored to be part of this.

Next stop with Kreis is 16th of june, at De Loge in Ghent.

Kreis in De Loge

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Another nice review of our debut album Askr
Thanks Philippe De Cleen from Dansende Beren magazine!

Askr - Fraai debuut - Dansende Beren

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A nice review from Enola Magazine of our concert at Het Bruggenhuis. 

Thanks Guy Peters!

Kreis :: 14 maart 2019, Het Bruggenhuis - enola

Come and have a listen at Hot Club Ghent, monday 15th of april.

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Our first album Askr is out!

Have a listen on bandcamp, spotify, itunes store or soundcloud.



Itunes store


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On wednesday, 6th of march, we'll present our album at deKoer. 

Join us or check us out at one of our other concerts!

(c) Kreis